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    Natural gas price controls to relax activate market
    2016-10-29 08:08:35
    Natural gas prices down at last.

    18, the national development and reform commission issued a circular, announced that lower the price of a non-resident with gas door station will be a non-resident gas highest price is $700 per thousand cubic meters lower door station.

    Notable is, notice said it would open at the same time promoting natural gas trading, lead the all non-resident gas into oil and gas trading center in Shanghai, with 2-3 years to achieve transparency of non-resident gas deal.

    Reduction to a miracle

    Notice said, will be a non-resident gas by implementing the highest price benchmark management to door door stop price management, reduced price as benchmark door stop price, supply and demand both sides can benchmark door station on the basis of price, 20% higher than in down not limited, to determine the price of the specific door station within the scope of negotiation.

    Energy given the current international market price is low, the domestic market supply and demand of the actual situation of overall easing scheme was not adopted a policy of buoyancy, the supply and demand both sides can in no more than the benchmark door station price negotiation to determine the specific price, within the scope of the scheme allowed to rise after a year of implementation.

    China's energy chief information officer falcon believed that this time the price for the user and enterprise bargaining reserved space, gas price can rise to drop, "this is just a guide price, rather than a final price." Falcon said, which means that further relax price control, increase the price elasticity, negotiating the price to supply and demand more independent space, which is helpful to stimulate the market vitality, promote fair competition.

    The reform, the lower the price of a non-resident with valve station, under the background of current economic downward pressure is bigger, to reduce the financial burden on the downstream gas industry, promote the economic growth will play an important role. Door station price per cubic meter to lower the price of 0.7 yuan, the government management of non-resident gas more than 600 cubic meters, a year will directly reduce the downstream industry, electricity, central heating, taxi, such as commercial, service industry gas enterprise burden of 43 billion yuan of above. If the government management of the prices of natural gas prices lower, impact on the market price of natural gas drive, has accounted for about 80% of the total domestic consumption of non-resident gas prices are expected to reduce, can further reduce the burden of the downstream industry. At the same time, gas prices lower also conducive to the clean energy promotion and utilization of natural gas, which promote the adjustment of energy structure and environment protection.

    Natural gas as a clean energy, the price will make a lot of project startup, is helpful to promote the utilization of natural gas. Also analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, the natural gas price cut for downstream of the power generation, heating enterprises, automobile industry of natural gas, some gas, such as glass, ceramics are very favorable.

    JiaGai goal: comprehensive marketization

    The reform in relax price controls at the same time, an important content is to promote the construction of the natural gas market, promote transparent gas trading. The ultimate goal of natural gas price reform is a comprehensive market, market construction is the important measures to achieve this goal.

    On July 1 this year, the national development and reform commission to promote construction of the oil and gas trading center in Shanghai, more than four months, trading center trial run in good condition, the market to give high attention. The reform, has been clear for non-resident gas to oil and gas trading center in Shanghai, to the extent permitted by the supply and demand in price policy publicly traded form a specific price, strive for in 2-3 years to fully implement a non-resident gas transparent transactions.

    It is for natural gas production and operation enterprises take a long view, seriously do a good job gas publicly traded;

    2 it is to require trading center members especially upstream to the trading center Shared non-resident gas field and otc information such as quantity and price;

    Three is the trading center management, professional operation specification, transparent transactions, continuously explore new models and found that the price of new methods, new means and transaction information to the community on a regular basis.

    Natural gas market is more and more big, promote once in gas prices really realize marketization will have more market main body to participate in the competition, and the price through competition become more reasonable, also will have more users to use clean energy to replace coal. And for China now into the energy structure of rapid transition, with the improving of the requirements to the environment in China, urbanization process accelerated, we more and more demand for clean energy. "There are some energy is renewable energy cannot be replaced, for example, we need to heat, so we need to develop more gas, originally because of the high prices, the market there is no way to start, once the gas prices dropped substantially, the market will start immediately." Falcon.

    The reality is that for a period of time before the price is high, cause everyone not gas, caused the entire oil, especially the development of gas industry. In April, may appear negative growth, natural gas also increased by only 1.1% in the first half of the year. As a large number of imported gas flowing in, appeared on the oil and gas enterprise management a lot of pressure. Falcon said, oil and other companies want to develop the market, the oil and gas in gas enterprises is also very want to be able to move prices further.

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