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    Low oil prices to help Chinese enterprises in the development of oil and gas mar
    2016-10-28 13:39:34
           nternational oil prices continue to slump, the oil and gas industry in the winter is still continuing, which is the high cost of mining in Brazil salt and lower oil field is even more so. However, low oil prices is a double-edged sword, from another point of view, the current downturn in the oil and gas industry is also for Chinese enterprises to Brazil oil and gas market has brought opportunities.
           In the end of the 27 Rio 2016 oil and gas exhibition, exhibitors China enterprises generally optimistic about the prospects for the development of Brazil oil and gas industry, hope to use the Latin America's largest oil and gas exhibition opportunities to further expand market share.
    Shandong Kerui petroleum equipment company mainly engaged in R & D and manufacturing and integrated oilfield engineering technology service, the Brazil market has been concerned for a long time. At present, cooperation projects including Brazil Kerui Petroleum Company, the number of Brazil's oil and gas enterprises are under discussion.
           Corey's vice president Pan Xiqun said: "now is the oil and gas industry in the winter, but I think it just gives us an opportunity China enterprise very large. Because when the oil price is high, the oil companies usually buy well-known brands of products and services, and when the oil price is low, they will buy some cost-effective products. This is our advantage."
           During this year's exhibition, Corey submitted a note to the general assembly of nitrogen injection. Read the paper, Brazil oil company staff immediately came to the booth kerei for detailed consultation, and hope to help design a set of kerei increase in nitrogen. Pan Xiqun said that the application of nitrogen technology Corey has been very mature in the China market share reached 80%, the application in the world is also very successful, there are a dozen countries to adopt the technology of Columbia Kerui, including Latin America, Peru and other countries. This technology for heavy oil recovery, the old oil field of multiple mining, the effect is very significant.
    Shanghai Zhenhua heavy sea engineering group general manager Devinke also said: "the current international oil prices remain low, the offshore market in a downturn in the industry cycle. Even so, the scale of this exhibition is more than we expected. This reflects the needs of Brazil and the entire Latin American market for offshore engineering equipment and oil and gas mining equipment is still very large, broad market prospects."
    Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry earlier in the field of port machinery have been very successful, all major ports in Brazil most of the container crane is Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industries. The exhibition, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry wants to develop its marine engineering equipment business in Brazil market.
            The world famous chemical enterprises Dow Chemical Brazil Company Infrastructure Manager Blessandro Morais said: "there is no doubt that global oil and gas enterprises are in torment, but I believe it will be warmer."
    Brazil temer new government took office, promised to give some easing of foreign investment, it also enhances the confidence of overseas enterprises to invest in Brazil. In Latin America business for 10 years, Corey has formed a sales network and customer service in the region. Pan Xiqun said that the Brazil market is full of confidence in the market, and now has registered a subsidiary, will continue to expand the scale.
            Shell, Total and other leading enterprises in the oil and gas industry as well as from Chinese, Germany, Argentina and other countries of the more than and 540 companies participated in the Rio petroleum and natural gas development.
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