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    Substantial relaxation of market access in the field of electricity and oil
    2016-03-06 09:40:15
        Li Keqiang said, to strengthen the supply side of structural reforms to enhance the momentum of sustained growth.

        Xinhua news agency, Beijing in March 5, Premier Li Keqiang said that when the government work report this year to strengthen the supply side structural reform, enhance the sustainable growth momentum. The outstanding contradictions and problems solved in key areas, speed up the get rid of institutional obstacles to structural reforms to improve the supply side of the supply system of quality and efficiency, to further stimulate the market vitality and social creativity.

        Promote decentralization, put the tube combination, optimize service reform to develop in depth. To respect the people's heart, something for the road, and the transformation of government functions, improve the efficiency of. Continue to vigorously reduce the administrative examination and approval matters, focus on solving decentralization is not synchronized, not coordinated, not in place, the decentralization of the approval matters, so that the place can be connected to live, good management. Deepen the reform of commercial system, carry out the separation of the pilot license. Full release of the list of local government powers and responsibilities, in some areas of the market access negative list system. For administrative fees, government pricing or guidance operating service fees, government funds, national vocational qualifications, the implementation of the directory list management. Deepen the price reform, strengthen price regulation. Revised and abolished impede the development of administrative regulations and normative documents. Innovation in the post regulatory approach, the full implementation of the "double random, a public supervision, inspection objects were selected by stratified cluster random sampling, randomly selected inspection of law enforcement personnel, timely publication of investigation results. To promote the comprehensive reform of administrative law enforcement, the implementation of enterprise credit information collection, unified public law, joint discipline and social supervision. Vigorously carry out the "Internet plus government services, to realize data sharing between departments, so that residents and businesses less legwork, good things, no clogging. Jane Chufan carefully, can observe illegal, so that people have more equal opportunities and greater creative space.

        Full release of the full social entrepreneurship and innovation potential. Focus on implementing innovation driven development strategy, promote the depth of technology and economic integration, improve the overall quality and competitiveness of the real economy. One is to strengthen the main position of enterprise innovation. Implementation of enterprise R & D expenses plus deduction, improve the high-tech enterprises, science and technology business incubators and other tax incentives. Support industry leading enterprises to build high level R & D institutions. Accelerate the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone pilot policy to the country, and then build a number of national independent innovation demonstration zone, high-tech zones, the construction of a comprehensive innovation and reform pilot area. Two is the multiplier effect of public entrepreneurship, innovation and play "Internet plus" set trimaran Huizhong force. Create a public record, all the package, all help, raise public platform to build a large and small enterprises, universities, research institutions, a multi collaborative innovation mechanism of the new venture. The construction of a number of "double" demonstration base, cultivating entrepreneurial services, the development of entrepreneurship and industrial investment, angel. Support the sharing of economic development, improve the efficiency of resource use, so that more people involved, rich up. The implementation of more positive, more open, more effective talent introduction policy. To strengthen the protection and use of intellectual property rights, according to the law to crack down on counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights. Three is to deepen the reform of science and technology management system. To expand the autonomy of universities and research institutes, cut the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities in the management of scientific research. Implementation of policies and measures to support the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, improve the equity option tax incentives and dividend incentives to encourage scientific research personnel innovation. Vigorously carry forward the culture of innovation (4.2, 0.00, 0.00%), thick planting fertile ground for innovation and create a dare to people first, tolerance of failure of good atmosphere, fully stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society in the innovation and entrepreneurship, converging to promote the development of the majestic power.

        Efforts to resolve the excess capacity and reduce the efficiency of this. Focus on iron and steel, coal and other difficult industry to capacity, adhere to market forced, enterprises as the main body, local organizations, the central support, by means of economy, law, technology, environmental protection, quality, safety and other, strict control of new capacity, and resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, ordered to withdraw excess capacity. Take measures such as mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring or bankruptcy liquidation, and actively and steadily dispose of zombie enterprises". To improve the financial, financial and other support policies, the central government allocated 100 billion yuan special award for funding, focusing on the relocation of employees. Take comprehensive measures to reduce business transaction, logistics, finance, energy and other costs, and resolutely curb the behavior of arbitrary charges related enterprises.

        Efforts to improve the supply of goods and services. Focus on three aspects. One is to enhance the quality of consumer goods. To speed up the quality and safety standards and the international standards, the establishment of punitive damages system of commodity quality. Encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization, flexible production, cultivate the spirit of the spirit of the craftsmen of excellence, increase variety, improve quality, create brand. Two is to promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry. To further promote the "made in China + Internet", the construction of a number of national manufacturing industry innovation platform, the implementation of a group of intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects, launched a strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment such as major projects. Implementation of accelerated depreciation policy, organize the implementation of major technical transformation and upgrading projects. Three is to accelerate the development of modern service industry. To launch a new round of comprehensive reform of the national service industry, the implementation of high-tech service industry innovation, and vigorously develop the digital creative industries. Relax market access, improve the production of service industry specialization, the level of life service industry. The construction of a number of optical network city, promote the 50 thousand administrative villages fiber, so that more rural residents to enjoy the digital life.

        Vigorously promote the reform of state owned enterprises. The next two years, to promote development and resolutely fight the quality and efficiency of state-owned enterprises battle. To promote the state-owned enterprises, especially the central enterprise restructuring, innovation and development of a number of restructuring and integration of a number of clean out a number of. Advance diversified equity reform, to carry out the implementation of corporate directors will powers, hiring managers market, professional manager system, mixed ownership, employee stock ownership and other pilot. Deepen enterprise reform of the employment system and explore the establishment of salary system and market elected to high level talents and enterprise management person. Accelerate the restructuring of state-owned capital investment, operating companies. In order to promote the function of state owned assets supervision organization, to prevent the loss of state-owned assets, to achieve the value of state-owned assets. Give local more state owned enterprises reform autonomy. Accelerate the peeling off the state-owned enterprise social functions, solve problems left over by history, make state-owned enterprises fitness and health, enhance core competitiveness.

        Better stimulate the non-public economic vitality. A substantial relaxation of electricity, telecommunications, transportation, oil, natural gas, municipal utilities and other areas of market access, eliminate all kinds of hidden barriers, encourage private enterprises to expand investment, participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises. In terms of project approval, financing services, tax policies, land use and other aspects of the same. Equal protection of the law all economic rights, and severely punish violations of the legitimate rights and interests of non-public enterprises and non-public ownership economy, and create a fair, impartial, transparent and stable legal environment, its long and common development to promote the enterprises of all types.

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